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Unimix SRT50 Process Vessel

Unimix SRT50 Process Vessel
Unimix SRT50 Process Vessel
Product Code : Stock Ref 2969
Product Description

ECATO SYSTEMS (Haagen & Rinau) type "UNIMIX SRT50" process vessel in 316 grade stainless steel made to an exceptional level of engineering/quality, supplied new in 2004.  The vessel has had very little light use in a product development environment.  Vessel is approx 440mm dia x approx 600mm deep including welded bottom dish, approx gross capacity to flange is 76 litres, ie typical 50 litres working volume.  The vessel is rated at full vacuum and 6 bar design pressure @ 150°C and has a stainless steel heating/cooling jacket (to side and base) rated at 6 bar design pressure @ 150°C.  The jacket is insulated and is rigid stainless steel clad.  The main top driven agitator is a full profile scraped surface type driven via a speed reduction gearbox and a 3kw 1420rpm 380-420V motor.  Contra rotating effect baffle plate fitted, with an integrated temperature probe.  There is an "EKATO STERILJET" high performance homogeniser built into the bottom dish of the vessel, for the dispersion and emulsification of liquid and solid additives and semi viscous products, powered by a 5.5kw 2920rpm 415V motor. The homogeniser has a 100mm dia head.  The sterijet also functions as a product discharge pump and a C.I.P pump and there is a change over valve fitted to enable the product to be diverted back to the top of the vessel for multi pass recirculation if required.  Please see the attached data sheet for further information on the Unimix Steriljet.

The top dish has the following features: Additive port 110mm dia with valve; a 25mm dia sprayball port; vessel light, 80mm dia sightglass; combined vacuum/pressure gauge -1bar to 5bar; lightglass.  The top dish assembly has a power raise and lower function and is secured to the vessel by a circular ring clamp band around the flanges.  The vessel is mounted into a stainless steel cabinet type enclosure where the heating/cooling system and the vacuum pump are located.  The main electrical panel is located in the other cabinet enclosure.  An operator control panel with digital input keypad is mounted on the cabinet.  The vessel has a 50mm dia bottom product outlet which has a pneumatic valve closure.  A remote manual valve also exists.  The product can be diverted to an entry port on the vessel side for multi-pass product recirculation, or pumped away for final discharge.  The whole machine is fitted with castors for insitu movement.  Overall dimensions are 1806mm x 1006mm x 1790mm high (+500mm max lif raising).  Machine weight is stated as 1000kg.